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The Mind Without Moral Conscience

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The symptoms of a Mind Without Moral Conscience:
Lack of Compassion
Lack of Impathy
Lack of Sympathy
Loose Tongue (will not keep secrets)
Shameless behavior
Unable to Control Thoughts
Uncontrolled Word Process (one that will say anything that comes to mind)

The soul of such person, is like a fatal wound that is unable to stop bleeding: The body becomes lifeless. It is unresponsive; and yet, the soul is free to walk about, and commit evil acts that are harmful and hurtful to others.
A pregnant woman was attacked while walking home one night by such a soul. Her attacker sexually assaulted her and then set her on fire. She died from those wounds: She left behind very young children.
A 100 year old woman is living alone in her home. A soul that is evil, breaks into her home, attacks her and sexually assault her.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach moral values to their children by example, and to enforce them. Do you remember your parents giving you a strong warning that if you did not stop, being naughty, you would be disciplined?
My mother would say, “Do not let me have to come in there, or you will be sorry.” I knew that was a warning, that I was going to feel some kind of pain, if I did not stop being naughty.
Spiritual Leaders are to teach moral values as a part of their work to the people they communicate with. Their job is to also, issue the warning of accountability. There are blessings from God, as well as, receiving his disciplinary action that are the consequences for bad behavior.
Somewhere along the path, a wrong turn was taken that has led our world onto a path of unaccountability.  When a person, neglect to follow the path of previous generations that believed in strong moral values, and taught them and lived them, there is a price to be paid.

God sacrificed the life of his only Son, Jesus Christ, for every sin that has been committed. He will not allow his blood to have been shed in vain. There is a price we all have to pay for the acts of evil committed upon Earth. We can see the wrath the weather inflicts upon Earth, and know that only God control the outcome of the destructions.
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Written by Ellen J. Barrier

The Strength of A Strong Man

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The strength of a strong man is in his character. No woman ever has a need to fear him who touches her, for he is a great man. He is one with wisdom.
___ Ellen J. Barrier

Persistency In Prayer Brings About Positive Change

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Praying on a daily basis rewards us with positive changes in our life. We are able to express our personal needs to God. Releasing our emotions frees our mind, and builds characteristic traits, that are favorable and honorable with God and Man.
Those who pray daily, increase understanding to know the importance of examining their behavior pattern toward others.
Have a willingness to offer an apology when an error on their part was made that offended or caused harm to someone.
Never fail to immediately ask forgiveness, when it is due to someone because of a wrongful act that was committed whether it was done intentional or unintentional.
Persistency in prayer makes a weak man strong.
Persistency in prayer, makes a boy a man, when he needs to be strong.
Persistency in prayer, allows a woman the ability to become a much stronger woman to accomplish her goals, by accepting the role of many others.
Persistency in prayer help girls to embrace the legacy of strong women and will build one for themselves that are stronger.
It is the persistency in prayer that makes a family stronger.
Through the persistency in prayer, we develop the desire to treat others the way we would like for them to treat us. It begins in our home.
Pray Without Ceasing
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Written by Ellen J. Barrier

Everlasting LOVE

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“Everlasting LOVE is built upon the solid foundation of TRUST, held up with the support of TRUTH.” _____Ellen J. Barrier

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by Ellen J. Barrier

Omega food and health products provide important benefits to our health. Their food sources plays a significant role in the treatment for ailments and also, provide preventive measures to guard against other health issues.
This product has been known to show successful improvements in reducing the symptoms of Psoriasis: A skin disorder, that reveals redness, itching and scaling. This skin condition, is marked by tiny oval or round patches covered with silver scales. These red itchy areas, normally appears on the back, buttocks, elbows, palms, knees, scalp and on the soles of the feet.
Foods containing Omega -3 are found in mackerel, sardines, salmon, soy beans, wheat germs, nuts, seeds (Pumpkin and Sunflower) whole grains, processed vegetable oils, soy and safflowers.
Omega-3-5-6-7-9 products are available to help support good health and wellness in the brain, heart, joints and skin. Their nutrients provides vital nutritional aides to maintain a healthy body.

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Is It So Wrong To Fall In Love and Sacrifice by Ellen Jean Barrier

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Description: A Passionate Love Song

Performed by Singer/Songwriter__ Ellen Jean Barrier