Ellen J. Barrier Radio Plays the Greatest Hits

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On rainy days or nights, relaxing and reading a good book, while listening to favorite music and songs, are unforgettable.You can enjoy that experience here on Ellen J. Barrier Radio @ http://www.jango.com/music/Ellen+J+Barrier?l=0 

My Father's Praise by Ellen J. Barrier

I love the sound of musical instruments such as; guitar, drums, clarinet, flute, organ, piano, saxophone, and some others. The keyboard is a ‘must have’ musical instrument, because of the special sound effects it has.

Music and sound have been in the world, from the beginning of its existence.  Beginning with hands clapping, and feet stumping, using whatever item or method, to make sound with rhythm- automatically brings a response of excitement, giving the desire to move with the rhythm of the beat. We dance, use music in our exercise routines, and to workout.

“Music is like medicine. It can bring relief to the aches and stressful situations that life brings. We live in a world of music. There is sound and rhythm everywhere we go!” 
― Ellen J. Barrier


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