Cheating in a Relationship

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Cheating in a relationship is wrong.  But if a person walks in on their mate and another person in the act of a sexual encounter, is it justifiable to kill one of them or both of them?

In this news event a husband found his wife and another man engaging in a sexual encounter; in his home in their bed, after he returned home early one night.  After arguing with her he shot her in the head.  Both the judge and the prosecutor favor his decision.

Society seems to have two rules for cheating: One for men and one for women.

Some people believe if the woman had killed the man, her punishment would have been sentenced to a term spent in prison.

Read the story and decide if you agree.

Husband kills Cheating Wife Judge Favors Husband’s Decision

“Love is expressed. Words alone means nothing.”

― Ellen J. Barrier

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