How to Prevent Back Injuries When Lifting

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How to Avoid Back Injuries When Lifting

As a medical professional, I came up with some tips to avoid injuring my back while lifting patients. Because my rules worked for me in my medical professional career, and in my daily tasks that help me to prevent back injuries, I have shared them with others.

Daily Rules

1. When bending, never bend from the waist; use the hips and knees.

2. When lifting, face the object; and bend your knees.

3. Never lift heavy objects any higher than the level of your waist.

4. Hold the object at waist level, as close to you as possible.

5. Keep your head in line with your spine while standing, lying, or sitting.

6. Avoid sitting on deep couches and soft chairs.

Source: How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed

Chapter 8 Nutrition: God’s Way For Mankind

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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