Health and Fitness involves Body Mind and Spirit

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Health and Fitness involves Body Mind and Spirit

Health and fitness is not just for getting a beautiful body.  It is for getting a person in physical and mental condition.
For many people, who are beginners in a weight management program; exercising and eating foods that are healthier than the things they normally ate prior to the program are now, a big challenge for them.

There are other adjustments that are needed to be made in order to have a healthy body. The student needs to know that health and fitness involves the whole person (body, mind and spirit) Therefore, personality traits should be involved, poor eating habits, lack of enough rest, smoking, and things that are not healthy for the body, would be addressed in a good health and fitness program.


For many people, having to change their way of doing things is too much of a challenge for them. They hate the workouts because it causes them to move muscles and joints in ways they are not comfortable with. They hate the pain and soreness. And there are those who refuse to follow instructions. Some will give up, and quit the program, and some will continue to the end.

Those who endure the discomfort until they reach their goal, have a healthier body that is in good physical and mental condition. They feel great about themselves. To maintain health and fitness or to be successful in reaching goals, the right attitude is to never quit. Confidence is to keep the vision alive, by seeing a victory ahead that is worth fighting for. View Exercise Instructions  for Toning Muscles @

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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