Is Retirement for The Majority of People a Dream or Reality?

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Is Retirement for The Majority of People a Dream or Reality?

The cost of living expenses continues to increase, while the amount of financial income is decreased. With other factors included such as taxes, insurance, personal needs and educational expenses there is not enough income to cover all of the financial needs of every person.  Families within both low income and middle income brackets are living from pay check to pay check; never having enough to make ends meet. Things such as car repairs and home repairs that come unexpectedly seem to occur at a time when the money is most needed for other things.

The majority of people will never be financially situated to retire. Many of them are raising a second family. Some have retired once and was not able to enjoy their retirement due to the money they had was not enough to pay for their financial needs. Therefore, they had to return to work industries. Other factors are loss of income due to layoffs and others reasons.  Retirement for the majority of people is a dream.

The Road to Success and Prosperity

George and I personally know the struggles of hardship. We understand what it means to live from one payday to the next.  We had worked hard for many years as a young couple with children, to get an education for ourselves and to build a financial saving to secure our family.

We know things unplanned for can happen and take everything away; such things happened to us three years after we had accomplished many of our goals and saw our dreams come true:

The new home we had moved into as owners; monthly payment increased by an extra $500.00

Within a few months we both were without income. Having no income, led to losing our home through foreclosure, filing bankruptcy, both vehicles were repossessed, selling all of our personal items and everything we could afford to depart from, to feed our family. Those were the only choices we had.

When there were nothing else left to sell after we sold our wedding rings, we became welfare recipients while searching for jobs daily. The food stamps were a blessing for us when we needed to feed our family, until George found a job after several months of daily searching.

The majority of people struggle to carry their financial burdens upon their shoulders daily. When a helping hand is extended to them, it is appreciated.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

Suggested to read the following title:

The Road to Success and Prosperity (chapter six)

From the book: How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed @

Authors: George C. Barrier Sr., and Ellen J. Barrier

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