My Cellular Phone Made a Mysterious and Miraculously Recovery

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My Cellular Phone Made a Mysterious and Miraculously Recovery

After several weeks of failures to recharge my cellular phone, I took it to two different technicians to see why it wasn’t charging. After performing tests, I was told by each technician at separate locations that my cellular phone was impossible to charge.  I took the cellular phone home, and made the decision to try once more to recharge it. Before connecting the cellular phone to the same charger and using the same electrical outlet I had been using previously to charge it, I prayed and left it plugged in to the electrical outlet overnight, as usual.

My decision was to discard the cellular phone the next day, if it did not charge.

The next morning, when I disconnected the cellular phone and turned it on, it made a loud sound showing a complete full charge.  The sound was clearer than previously. I have discovered that it holds a charge much longer than my newer cellular phones. Also, I am able to make phone calls from locations that I had not been able to do in the past with this cellular phone.

Mysteries are difficult to understand and miracles occur in different forms. The lesson I learned from this experience is to have hope in a power that supersede all of our knowledge.

___ Ellen J. Barrier

Update: 10/28/2016

As of today, the carrier replaced this phone with a smart phone free of charge to me, due to they are going to discontinue marketing it as of this month. As of today’s date, this phone and the charger were providing service at the time I activated my replacement phone.

Miracles are special events to remember. I will always remember these miracles. I placed my cell phone and charger in a special place of memories and whispered a prayer of thanks. My faith in God was increased because of these Miracles.

__ Ellen J. Barrier


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