King of Donkey Kong Records Dispute Settled

The world of classic arcade gaming may seem like a niche interest to some, but to a dedicated group of enthusiasts, it is an incredibly competitive and high-stakes arena. One of the most legendary figures in this community is Billy Mitchell, the onetime “king of Donkey Kong” and a controversial figure in the world of competitive gaming.

For years, Mitchell has been embroiled in a dispute over his high scores in classic arcade games, particularly Donkey Kong. The controversy reached a boiling point with the release of the 2007 documentary “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” which depicted Mitchell as a larger-than-life figure with a questionable ethical code.

Despite the documentary’s portrayal of him, Mitchell continued to defend his high scores and his status as one of the greatest classic arcade gamers of all time. However, his reputation suffered a serious blow in 2018 when Twin Galaxies, the organization responsible for adjudicating video game world records, stripped him of his high scores and banned him from submitting future records.

The dispute over Mitchell’s records seemed headed for a protracted legal battle, but it appears that a resolution has finally been reached. According to reports, Mitchell has reached a settlement with Twin Galaxies, officially bringing an end to the years-long controversy.

Under the terms of the settlement, Mitchell’s records have been reinstated, and he will be allowed to submit new records in the future. In return, Mitchell has agreed to drop the defamation lawsuit he filed against Twin Galaxies and Apollo Legend, a YouTuber who was critical of Mitchell’s records.

The settlement represents a major turning point in the ongoing saga of Billy Mitchell and his disputed gaming records. It also marks a significant moment for the classic arcade gaming community, as it brings closure to a contentious and divisive issue.

While opinions on Mitchell’s gaming legacy may remain divided, there is no denying the impact he has had on the world of competitive gaming. As one of the most recognizable figures in the classic arcade gaming community, Mitchell’s influence and accomplishments are hard to overlook.

As the dust settles on this long-running dispute, it is clear that the story of Billy Mitchell and his controversial records will continue to be a topic of interest and debate. Whether you believe he is a true gaming legend or a tarnished figure, there is no denying that Mitchell’s impact on the world of classic arcade gaming is undeniable. With the settlement now in place, it seems that Mitchell will have the opportunity to continue adding to his legacy in the years to come.

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