New Hampshire to Investigate A.I. Robocalls Impersonating Biden

New Hampshire Officials to Investigate A.I. Robocalls Mimicking Biden

New Hampshire officials have announced that they will be launching an investigation into a series of A.I. robocalls that have been mimicking President Joe Biden. The calls, which have been reported in several states, including New Hampshire, have been raising concerns about potential deception and misinformation.

The robocalls, which have been reported to have been made in an A.I. voice that sounds like President Biden, have been spreading false information about various topics, including COVID-19 and voting rights. The calls have targeted individuals across the political spectrum, with some reports suggesting that they have been aimed at both Democratic and Republican voters.

In response to the reports, New Hampshire officials have stated that they will be working with federal authorities to investigate the source of the calls and determine the individuals or organizations behind them. Attorney General John Formella has stressed the importance of holding accountable those responsible for using advanced technology to spread deception and sow discord.

The investigation comes at a time when concerns about the spread of misinformation and disinformation through technology are at an all-time high. The use of A.I. to mimic public figures and spread false information poses a significant threat to the integrity of public discourse and the democratic process.

In addition to investigating the source of the robocalls, New Hampshire officials are also working on ways to combat the spread of misinformation through technology. This includes working with telecommunications companies to block the calls and reaching out to the public to raise awareness about the issue.

The investigation into the A.I. robocalls mimicking President Biden is a significant step in the fight against the spread of misinformation and disinformation. By holding those responsible for these calls accountable, New Hampshire officials are sending a strong message that the use of advanced technology to deceive and manipulate the public will not be tolerated.

As technology continues to advance, it is essential that measures are put in place to prevent the misuse of A.I. and other advanced technologies for malicious purposes. By taking action to investigate and combat the spread of A.I. robocalls, New Hampshire officials are working to protect the integrity of public discourse and ensure that the public can trust the information they receive.

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