People Who Refuse to Commit 100% in a Relationship

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If a person is not willing to give 100% of their Love in a relationship, what percentage of their Love is given to someone else?

In the story below the person who was giving less than 100% of her Love in her relationship, was found to have been giving the rest of her Love to another individual.  When her mate found out about her affair, the results were disastrous.

Starting a Relationship under False Pretenses Is Poor Judgment

To start a relationship under false pretenses, will open a pathway for trouble.

A relationship that is built upon lies and secrets cannot survive.

The truth will certainly be revealed. What goes on in the dark eventually comes to the light. Therefore, when the truth is revealed, the guilty will suffer the consequences.


On this particular night, the woman who shared her Love with another man was caught in the act of sharing the bed that she slept in with her husband, performing a sexual act with another man. The husband arrived home from work at a time of which his wife was not expecting him. When he entered their bedroom and saw the scene of his wife and another man, he became outraged. He went into their kitchen, and after having several drinks of alcoholic beverages, he confronted her: after a long argument, he took a shotgun from a closet, and shot her in the head. She died from her wound.

Rage is uncontrolled violent anger such as a violent storm that unleashes evil on its victim. There is no escaping it. No one knows how another person will behave mentally, in such situation. We can only hope that God will give us strength to walk away, and leave the battle in his hands, if we should encounter such behavior in our presence as the man in this situation experience.

Written By Ellen J. Barrier

Author of The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins

Cheating in a Relationship

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Cheating in a relationship is wrong.  But if a person walks in on their mate and another person in the act of a sexual encounter, is it justifiable to kill one of them or both of them?

In this news event a husband found his wife and another man engaging in a sexual encounter; in his home in their bed, after he returned home early one night.  After arguing with her he shot her in the head.  Both the judge and the prosecutor favor his decision.

Society seems to have two rules for cheating: One for men and one for women.

Some people believe if the woman had killed the man, her punishment would have been sentenced to a term spent in prison.

Read the story and decide if you agree.

Husband kills Cheating Wife Judge Favors Husband’s Decision

“Love is expressed. Words alone means nothing.”

― Ellen J. Barrier

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