Forever Young

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Forever Young

The simple things in life are the ones we treasure; time spent with our children, watching them grow, enjoying a beautiful day together, and hearing their laughter. Children never become adults in the treasures of their parents’ memories. And in the treasures of a child’s memories, their parents are forever young. Forever young is happiness, and the love it captures in the time we spend together. Building a treasure of memories from the simple things in life, are cost less and priceless.

When we open a treasure of memories, we feel alive with the happiness we see upon each
piece that we hold in our hands.
We will always be forever young.
__ Ellen J. Barrier

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“Happiness is never found in materialistic things; it exists in things that cannot be physically possessed. Therefore, happiness is priceless. It can never be purchased.”

― Ellen J. Barrier

Treat Children and Their Parents as You Would Want to Be Treated

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The abduction of a child brings tears to the eyes of every parent and those who love children. Our children need to feel safe when they leave their homes. And their parents need to feel they can trust others in society to help make our schools and public places safe. Neighborhoods should be safe places for all children to play without the fear of being kidnapped.

Treat Children and Their Parents as You Would Want to Be Treated

Our compassion and prayers are made for the children and their parents who have been separated by such an act of someone who has no conscious.  Someone who never thought how they as a child, would feel if they were taken away from those who love them and the place where they felt safe.

Neither did they think how they as a parent would feel, if someone took their child away. There are no words, or music, and there is no medicine to heal the broken spirits of the child and their parent who have been separated by such an uncaring act. When one child is harmed, other children and their parents are also harmed, because of the fear of insecurity that exists within their environment of the society they live in.


Stealing children and using them for personal use, to gain money by harming their bodies for sexual pleasures, treating them as slaves by abusing them mentally and physically, for any purpose is wrong. Such acts are inhuman and condemned by those in society who believe that our children are the future of a generation who respect the rights of others to live in a free society, where every human being has equal rights.

The Person Suffering From Anxiety and Depression

Scripture: Psalm 69:1-3 King James Bible

Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul.

I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing: I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me.

I am weary of my crying: my throat is dried: mine eyes fail while I wait for my God.

_ Written by Ellen J. Barrier

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Women who Commit Murder, Lies, and Steal Children

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A Slain Pregnant Woman and Her 3 Children Were Murdered the Killer is a 24-Year-Old Woman

Motive:  To pass the slain woman’ seven- month –old dead fetus off as her child

Women who Commit Murder, Lies, and Steal Children

Story: The 24-year-old woman who committed the murders were said to have been a ’ family friend’ who murdered the woman and removed the unborn child from her uterus with a sharp object that is believed to have been scissors.  After having removed the dead fetus, she summoned law enforcement stating she had gone into labor.  The fetus was taken to the hospital.

The autopsy revealed signs of trauma. The 24-year-old woman pretended to be the mother of the fetus but, refused to allow the hospital to examine her. Yet, she signed an affidavit for the funeral home, stating the child was hers.  She said the child was born after she had consensual sex. She later changed her story and said she was sexually assaulted.

The 24-year-old woman placed the bodies of the slain woman’ children ages 7, 2 and 1 in a washer and dryer. She confessed to murdering the children. The autopsy was inconclusive as to how the fetus died. This act was called a “grisly attack.”

Some women are obsessed with becoming mothers and have been known to steal other women children and pass them off as their own.  And there are women who harm mothers and steal their children or abduct children for other purposes.  This is selfish, uncaring and an evil thing to do to a mother who has sacrificed her body to give life to her offspring.

written by Ellen J. Barrier

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Waiting For A Miracle

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Woman wakes from 16-year catatonic state on Christmas Eve Day

Waiting For A Miracle

For 16 years, a 42-year-old female was said to have been unresponsive to the world -unable to Speak, swallow or move much. On Christmas Eve, she suddenly snapped back to consciousness.

“Don’t do that,” she blurted out when nurses were trying to fix her nursing home bed on Dec. 24, 2000.

Doctors cannot explain why this lady awakened from the catatonic state she slipped into while delivering her fourth child. According to this newspaper report,  doctors said her condition was caused by a blood clot that lodged in her lung and caused her to stop breathing during a Caesarean section.

A Caesarean section is the removal of a fetus by means of an incision into the uterus; that is usually done through the abdominal wall.

Regarding her medical condition, her speech is said to be clear, but still limited. Her hands which had been clenched tightly for 16 years have loosened.  She is said to be speaking her children names, catching up on family developments and spending a lot of time watching her children.

At this time, report is that she is being driven up into the mountains to breathe the fresh air. She has been wheeled around a shopping mall. On Monday, she was said to have pointed to her new running shoes and said: “I’m going to run.”

“I just went up to her and gave her a hug, and she gave me a hug back,” the oldest child was quoted saying to the newspaper.

Her mother reportedly said, “It was a Christmas miracle from God.”

It took 16 years for this miracle to occur. That gives us the knowledge to know that God does not operate on our time schedule. He can perform miracles at any given time, and in any place, based on his judgment.

If you are waiting for your miracle, do not give up. It could happen today.

God’s Angels are near; wherever you are.

__ Ellen J. Barrier