Tender Baked Golden Brown Chicken

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Tender Baked Golden Brown Chicken

Things you will need:  a Hen, broiler pan and ingredients

Olive oil (Pompeian Extra Virgin), L.B. Jamison’s soup base chicken flavor ¼ cup, chicken broth (1 box), garlic pepper seasoning, tenderizer, onion (1 chopped) bell pepper (1 chopped) garlic (optional)

Preparation:  Place all of the ingredients into the broiler pan except the olive oil, garlic pepper, and tenderizer.  After carefully washing the hen inside until the water is clear, remove excess water.

Rub the olive oil onto the hen; both on the inside and on the skin, then sprinkle the tenderizer, and garlic pepper on the inside and skin of the hen. (The olive oil helps to absorb the flavor by holding the ingredients onto the skin.

After completing this process, place the hen on the broiler rack over the ingredients in the broiler pan and  place it under the broiler until it start to slightly brown, then flip the  hen  over and allow the back to slightly brown.  After the back is light brown, flip the hen again, and let it become light golden brown.

Remove the hen and place it on a baking dish  or pan, and bake in the oven at 350 degrees  for 30 minutes. Use a cooking syringe  to drip the broth in the pan with the chicken that is baking, over it to keep it moist and tender.  Lower the temperature to 300 degrees and cook for another 30 minutes.  Check the chicken occasional to add more of the broth in the pan over the chicken.

Place the broth in the broiler pan into a pot and heat it to boiling. (This is to prevent contamination from the chicken that was on the broiler rack.  (Use this broth to make the stuffing or dressing)

Recipe by  Ellen J. Barrier

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Green JELL-O-Cake with White Frosting

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Green JELL-O- Cake with White Frosting

To prepare my delicious  recipe for this cake you will need the following items:

2- cans of white cake frosting

3- packages of white cake mix

2-large boxes of JELL-O-gelatin dessert

Preparation for the Cake:

Prepare the cake with three layers according to the recipe on the box.

Preparation for the gelatin:

Prepare the gelatin according to the directions on the box and let it set in refrigerator until it is partially jelled.

Preparation for frosting the cake:

Place frosting on each layer of the cake, and leave them on separate dishes, then place JELL-O- on top of the frosting.

Now stack each layer on top of the other. ( The white frosting holds the JELL-O-within the layers of the cake)

On the very top layer of the cake, place some JELL-O- and do the same around the layers of the cake to form a design.

Refrigerate the Cake

Place the cake in a covered cake container, and keep it refrigerated.

You should have JELL-O- between the 3 layers of your cake, and JELL-O-on the top layer.

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