Ellen Jean Barrier Musician, Singer, Songwriter and Author

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Ellen Jean Barrier Musician, Singer,  Songwriter and Author

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Music Is a Serious Business

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Written by: Ellen Jean Barrier

Author/ Musician/ Singer and Songwriter

Music Is a Serious Business

I enjoy writing and recording my lyrics and music. It is costly to produce music. Like all businesses, there is a profit to be expected from the investments made by the owner, who has invested time and energy as well as finances to produce music.  I view my music as serious, because my lyrics and rhythm, reflects who I am. I am honored to hear my fans views of a song I have written. It is also, a great appreciation of recognition from other artists, who takes time out of their busy schedules to pay me a compliment.

I also appreciate listening to the music of other artists, and have respect for them as well, regardless of the genres. To respect another artist, is not to use their material without their written consent.  Downloading music, that should be paid for is unfair to the artists who are in the music industry for the promotion of their business to receive profits. They experience business losses too: for operational expenses, through travel, gasoline, hotel, food, rental fees for a building to perform, payments to others who help with the production and other expenses.

Speaking from my own personal experience in my career, as author, public speaker and Singer/Songwriter, during the Extravaganza Events, I have produced as the owner of Barrier’s Books & Associates, music is a serious business.

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This is a nice song about our Lord,
Major Seven Heaven Music (MOC)
5.9.2012 @ 4:52pm
And I like raw demos. God knows I have many of them in my site. Good inspirational music and singing, and I commend your good and heartfelt messages. VME!Man of Clay Thank you for sharing this song and your wonderful blog about happiness!
I always try to
A Murder Of Crows
4.6.2012 @ 3:31pm
project what any music i hear here would sound like in a million dollar studio, keeping in mind that i love music when it is raw, and unpolished. Having said that ,this a nice piece of music to listen to. . The production needs work,i think you know that. But the sentiment ,and the base is great. Carry on..VERY MUCH ENJOYED.
Perfect the way it is.
Blue Collar
10.2.2010 @ 5:26pm
This comes from the heart. Its undedited and even with only a flew tiny flaws, you kept your head up. Gave it your all. The tags you used should be genres here on AP. Why they don’t have any religious genres is beyond me. God bless and take care. Timmer


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The Results of Poor Leadership


The results of poor leadership is a broken and corrupt society that exist worldwide by the violence we see that is played out on the streets and in public places. Corrupt leaders attract people like themselves that breed violence.

Poor leadership has been revealed in the homes and in shelters where children are exposed to violence. Many of these children who came from broken homes have not found a safe haven; but instead, have been sexually abused, and targeted for further violence against them.

Government has failed many, because some elected officials who have been chosen to work for all of the people to provide the needed resources in poor neighborhoods, have not carried out their promises.  And those who created the laws of the land have not fought for the poor to be treated equally fair. Many elected officials have broken the laws they created. The Justice System has become weaken because of poor leadership and corruption by certain individuals who were chosen to uphold the laws, who themselves broke them.

Failure to lead with honesty and respect for others, creates and atmosphere of mistrust.

Among those who view the world through the eyes of politics and religion, we find bias and prejudice treatment used against certain individuals. Because of such people beliefs, they psychologically place others in classifications based on financial status, locations, looks and popularity. They set in judgmental positions and outcast certain individuals, who they perceive are different from them, and have no place in society for equal justice.

From such people come leaders in our communities, among them are judges and the jury and those who are religious leaders, school and college leaders, law enforcement officials and others. The laws of the land are as strong as the character of those who are in a position to uphold them.

If justice fails in the courtrooms, it will not prevail in society.

When people feel they have been treated as an outcast, because of unfairness, they feel they were cheated out of their God-given rights that all men and women were created equal. They feel that the same laws should apply to all people. They feel that Liberty and Justice should apply to every boy, and to every girl, and to every man, and to every women, regardless of financial status, location, looks or popularity.

If a person feel he or she is worthless by the laws of the land, they will eventually lose hope.

When hope is gone, the reason to care is replaced with the demon of hate, leaving such individuals with a feeling of no remorse, and the desire to destroy. In the path of hate is death and destruction. The fury of such an evil spirit will cause innocent people to suffer as a result of violent behavior.

The leader who prays to God for strength to treat those who follow with fairness will make a difference. Through prayers wisdom is obtained and knowledge is gained, and applied with understanding to know that change comes, when every person is adequately benefited.

A person does not have to be religious to pray: Knowing that someone is listening who has the power to guide you out of darkness into light, is all that is required. I found Contentment when I prayed.

I would rather be on the team of the leader who prays to God for wisdom to guide the followers, than to be on the team of the leader, who leads without prayer.

I thank God for his Love for me, and for each choice I made.

I chose Love over hate.

I chose forgiveness over grudges.

I chose peace over war.

I chose thankfulness over complaints.

I give thanks to God for the contentment I found within me.

I now live my life with the satisfaction of my choices.

When I chose contentment

I chose happiness


written by Ellen J. Barrier


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