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Ellen Jean Barrier_ Musician, Singer and Songwriter Performing I Can’t Live without You

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Ellen J. Barrier Singer/songwriter Performing I Can’t Live without You

I wrote “I Can’t Live without You” for my husband, and performed it for him, in honor of my wedding vows, I made to him.__ Ellen Jean Barrier

From the day we met at the age of 14 years, our love has grown throughout the years. It has been one of a spiritual force that will forever dwell within my heart. Our journey on this path has led us to marriage with a beautiful family. God has blessed us with profound happiness of two hearts that beat as one and I Can’t Live Without You.

Dedicated to my husband,

From Ellen Jean Barrier

I Can't Live without You (cd civer)

I Can’t Live Without You

You’re in all my dreams

You’re in all my thoughts

I can’t live without you

You are all I need

And everything I desire

You have made my life complete

I can’t live without you

You are my life

You are my hope

You are my happiness

You are my love and truth

I can’t live without you

You have made my life complete

and I can’t live without you

Written by Ellen Jean Barrier

True Love

“I Can’t Live without You.” was released by artist Ellen Jean Barrier- Singer/Songwriter  in September of 2014. It is  available to listen to @ http://barriersbooks.1wp.com/Music-Store