Mothers Of The World

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Mothers Of The World
Thank God for the mothers of the world. They are our angels without wings. They carry with them spirits of Caring, Comfort, Love, and Peace: There must be some magic or miracle force where they dwell, because their work never fails: They create smiles upon sad faces, and turn houses into homes.


Mothers of The World Fulfill These Roles of Providers:
Child Care
Financial Provider
Financial aide
Food handler
Health Care
House Cleaning
Laundry /Clothes Manager
Managing the household budget
Yard work
Mothers are great listeners. They can hear you and work at the same time, while thinking of ways to help you solve a problem.
What Else Do Our Mothers Of The World Do?
They pray to God, each day, to help them fulfill all their goals, while thinking of you.
Written by,
Ellen Jean Barrier

The Need for Prayer

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There will always be a need for prayers. In good times, and in bad times, we need blessings, and protection from God. One does not have to be religious to pray. Sincerity is the only thing that is necessary. It is when each of us humble ourselves and petition God for help, that we see results of our prayers. Recognizing that we are humans dwelling in a body that is not above the possibility to sin, gives us understanding to know that we should pray for guidance and strength each day.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

The Need for Prayers

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We will Never Be Apart on Christmas Day

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LOVE is the most precious gift we each share within our hearts, on every Christmas Day, so that we will never be apart.

On this Christmas Day, when I give thanks and pray, it will be your presence, I will embrace in a special place within my heart; so that we will not be apart.


From: Ellen J. Barrier

We will Never Be Apart on Christmas Day


LOVE keeps family and friends together.


One Wish

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If I had one wish , I would wish for many more. One wish would be to have you beside me  throughout eternity.

With my wishes;

We would travel from sea to sea just you and me; visiting all the  places we want to see having fun as never before, and loving each other forevermore, throughout eternity;

just you and me

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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It is Great to Be in Love

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IT is Great to Be in Love

It is Great to Be in Love!

I am in Love

I am Alive!


Love comforts

Love is gentle

Love is warm

Love produces the effect of being alive! Love is POWERFUL!

It is great to be in love with the person who wants to be the one you can’t live without!

Love provides things that make us feel alive and great about ourselves, and the person we are in love with.

___ Ellen J. Barrier

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Mount Up!

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Mount Up!

Supernatural Strength

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;

they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Source: King James Version Bible (Isaiah 40: 30, 31) Visit Ellen J. Barrier Quotes on Goodreads



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Contentment “Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction. The choices we make are our own decisions for how we want to live our life.”  __Ellen J. Barrier

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