3 Piece Light Tan Suit Trimmed in Multi Colors

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3 Piece Light Tan Suit This is a jacket and skirt with a sleeveless top. The jacket has a short belt with crystal buttons as does the front. The top and the front of the skirt with the matching multicolors and the trimming in the jacket and skirt, gives the light tan color an enhancement. With the added features, a variety of accessories can be worn with this design. The crystal clear buttons allows for the multicolors to show their enhancement. This 3 piece light tan suit trimmed in multicolors is designed by Ellen J. Barrier.


This is the design for the sleeveless top underneath the jacket  and the skirt.           Top and Skirt  Design


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Ellen J. Barrier 2 Piece Multicolored Suit

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Ellen J. Barrier 2 Piece Multicolored Suit     The skirt is a straight bottom with a flared tail. The jacket is designed with 2 large black buttons to show off the plain colored garment underneath the jacket to highlight the colors in the black background of the matching jacket and skirt.  This multi-colored outfit can look great with any plain colored top or blouse that matches either of the dots. Designer: Ellen J. Barrier

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Satin Jacket

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Satin Jacket

This light- tan satin jacket is beautifully trimmed in streaks of red, orange, yellow and white multi-colors. It is easily matched with practically all colors and favorably worn with dresses, pants and skirts. The belt and crystal buttons are special features that make the Satin Jacket with its soft silky touch, a favorite to hang in any closet.

Fashioned and designed by Ellen J. Barrier

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