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Mothers Of The World

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Mothers Of The World
Thank God for the mothers of the world. They are our angels without wings. They carry with them spirits of Caring, Comfort, Love, and Peace: There must be some magic or miracle force where they dwell, because their work never fails: They create smiles upon sad faces, and turn houses into homes.


Mothers of The World Fulfill These Roles of Providers:
Child Care
Financial Provider
Financial aide
Food handler
Health Care
House Cleaning
Laundry /Clothes Manager
Managing the household budget
Yard work
Mothers are great listeners. They can hear you and work at the same time, while thinking of ways to help you solve a problem.
What Else Do Our Mothers Of The World Do?
They pray to God, each day, to help them fulfill all their goals, while thinking of you.
Written by,
Ellen Jean Barrier

A Mother’s Love is The Best Medicine

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A Mother’s Love is The Best Medicine

A mother’s love is like an everlasting bed of roses, that continues to blossom.

A mother’s love bears strength, comfort, healing and warmth.

Her beauty is compared to a sunny day that shines upon each rose petal and inspires hope.

The connection between a loving mother and her child is an everlasting bond.

In times of sickness, a broken heart and spirit, a mother’s Love has a special healing effect that will reach within the soul of her child and heal aches and pain in places within them, that medicine cannot cure.

Your mother’s Love is present within your soul. She will never leave your side. In your time of need, she will guide.

Nothing can replace a Mother’s Love. Her Love is the best medicine.

____ Ellen J. Barrier