Successful New Year’s Resolutions

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The Key to Successful New Year’s Resolutions is Self-Confidence


Among the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are promises to make changes in health habits and relationships.  We must know that specific changes in health habits and relationships require lots of self-discipline to reach successful accomplishments.

To find the key to self-discipline, a person must be acceptance of themselves.  The person who can accept who they are, find peace within themselves. This allows that individual to have confidence that he or she can succeed.  It is the power of truth that gives us freedom to make necessary changes in our lives that bring about successful resolutions that allows us to have peaceful relationships with others. Without freedom to make changes in health habits and relationships, a person is imprisoned within his or her own body, mind and soul.

Change comes gradually, but those who are patient, receives the benefits of health and cures, along with peace and truth. These are the building blocks for happiness that creates healthy relationships with others that are long-lasting.

Good health habits and successful relationships that are long-lasting can only be maintained through self-discipline, when the body, mind and soul, receives the things needed to properly function, that creates wholeness.  The key to keeping all of our promises is Self-Confidence. It is the power of the mind used to unlock the power of Self-Discipline within the soul.

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Written by Ellen J. Barrier

Acute Hepatitis Viruses

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Acute Hepatitis Virus                                        Acute  Hepatitis A  and  Hepatitis B

Acute Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver. The disease causes the liver to become tender and swollen with bilirubin. This is a substance produced when the liver breaks down and the aged blood cells accumulate in the blood stream. The virus will be present in blood and bowel movements two to three weeks before the symptoms appear. And will also, remain for two to three weeks after the symptoms appear.
During this period, the virus can infect anyone who comes in contact with body fluids of an infected person, such as blood and feces.
Jaundice (yellowish color of skin pigmentation and the whites of the eyes) weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, brownish or tea-colored urine, abdominal discomfort with pain, and whitish bowel movements. The symptoms and nature of the illness depends on the condition of the individual’s health. The symptoms gradually disappear normally after four to six weeks.

Consult a physician who will have blood test done, to monitor the virus and will give instructions on protecting members in the household. An injection of the Hepatitis A vaccine can be used to prevent contracting the virus.

Preventing the Spread of Hepatitis A
Do not touch the items of an infected person, Use gloves when cleaning and or handling all items worn by an infected person, flush toilets immediately, keep all dishes and silverware, glasses and such that are used by the infected person sterilized. Good hand washing with an antibacterial agent and using a germ killing agent for household cleaning are recommended. The infected individual ,should avoid sexual contact with others to prevent the spread of the virus.
Clean the Laundry and Dishes of an Infected Person Separate
The person that is infected with the hepatitis virus, should eat nutritious meals, avoid dehydration, get plenty of rest and avoid the consumption of alcohol that could harm the liver, by weakening it.
The individual with Hepatitis A, will have it in their immune system to protect them from contracting the virus again.

Hepatitis B
Symptoms are jaundice, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, brownish colored urine, abdominal pain, whitish bowel movement

The Cause of Hepatitis B
The cause of Hepatitis B is due to a virus that infects the liver. The blood of an infected person is highly contagious dried or fresh, four to six weeks before the symptoms are revealed.

Risk Factor:
The risk for developing some form of chronic liver disease is possible in some individuals. The sources for contacting Hepatitis B infection are needle punctures from acupuncture, tattooing and injections of drugs; blood transfusions; and sexual contact. The Hepatitis B virus can spread through contact with saliva, nasals mucus, sperm, and menstrual blood.

Bed rest, proper nourishment, restrict alcohol intake, drink adequate amounts of water to avoid dehydration, blood tests are needed to monitor the disease. Good hand washing and using gloves to clean the household thoroughly with a germ cleaning agent, and taking special care to sterilize dishes and such things that are used in daily family meals are necessary. Keeping the bathroom clean is a priority. The infected individual should avoid sexual contact with others to prevent the spread of the virus. Clean the Laundry and Dishes of an Infected Person Separate
Professional help is recommended to prevent the spread of the disease from those who come in close contact with an infected person living in the same household. A physician can inject members of the household with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

* Acute means a sudden onset

__ Ellen J. Barrier

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Green JELL-O-Cake with White Frosting

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Green JELL-O- Cake with White Frosting

To prepare my delicious  recipe for this cake you will need the following items:

2- cans of white cake frosting

3- packages of white cake mix

2-large boxes of JELL-O-gelatin dessert

Preparation for the Cake:

Prepare the cake with three layers according to the recipe on the box.

Preparation for the gelatin:

Prepare the gelatin according to the directions on the box and let it set in refrigerator until it is partially jelled.

Preparation for frosting the cake:

Place frosting on each layer of the cake, and leave them on separate dishes, then place JELL-O- on top of the frosting.

Now stack each layer on top of the other. ( The white frosting holds the JELL-O-within the layers of the cake)

On the very top layer of the cake, place some JELL-O- and do the same around the layers of the cake to form a design.

Refrigerate the Cake

Place the cake in a covered cake container, and keep it refrigerated.

You should have JELL-O- between the 3 layers of your cake, and JELL-O-on the top layer.

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Barrier’s Health and Fitness Mall

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 Barrier's Health and Fitness Mall

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How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed

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How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed                         Table of Content

1.    God Promises Financial Success and Prosperity

2.   God’s Promises Are Conditional

3.    The History of Paying Tithes

4.   Punishment for Lying and Withholding God’s Share

5.  God’s Message to His People

6.  The Road to Success and Prosperity

7.  God’s Healing Power in Demonstration

8.  Nutrition: God’s Way For Mankind

9.  Life with Father

10. My Personal Relationship with God

11. How to Establish a Relationship with God

12. The Existence of Demonic Spirits Today

13. Our Weapons for Warfare against Satan

14. How to Deal With Stress


How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed, is both educational and inspirational.

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Sweet and Sour Broccoli pasta Salad

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Sweet and Sour Broccoli pasta Salad

This salad is one I support in a healthy diet; it is light in calories. And the ingredients are nutritious. It has apples, broccoli, carrots, lettuce and pasta.

Number of servings: 6    Calories: 198  Total fat contents: 3 grams

Cholesterol: trace amount    Sodium: 57 milligrams


Ingredients for Preparation:

8 ounces uncooked florets

2/3 cup shredded carrots

1 medium Red or Golden Delicious apple

(cored seeded and chopped)

1/3 cup plain nonfat yogurt

1/3 cup apple juice

3 tablespoon cider vinegar

1 tablespoon light olive oil

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon honey

½ teaspoon dried thyme leaves

Lettuce leaves

Direction for preparation:

  1. Cook pasta according to the directions on package (exclude the salt) add the broccoli during the last 2 minutes of cooking. (Drain) rinse thoroughly under cold water until pasta is cool; (Drain well)
  2. Place pasta, broccoli, carrots and apple in a medium bowl.
  3. Combine yogurt, apple juice, vinegar, oil, mustard, honey and thyme in small bowl  (pour these ingredients over the pasta mixture) toss to coat evenly.